Our Teachers

Margoth Bartenstein, Pre-K teacher

  Margoth has been at Shenandoah Preschool since 2006.

Raised on a Colombian coffee farm, Margoth pursued a career as a computer systems analyst before coming to the United States. Her prior work experience in Lexington has included nine years teaching at Yellow Brick Road Early Learning Center and a year at Woods Creek Montessori, before joining the Shenandoah staff.

Margoth loves how her students get so excited about the simplest things.  They are sponges full of curiosity and energy.  It is her pleasure to encourage that natural love of learning through hands-on activities and fun experiments.

Gretchen Sukow, Pre-K teacher

Gretchen has been at Shenandoah Preschool since 2008.  Gretchen has a Master’s degree in Social Work from UNC-Chapel Hill. Before coming to work at the preschool, Gretchen spent many years as a clinical social worker for children, specializing in Play Therapy.  Gretchen is a true believer of the importance of play in the development of a young child.  It facilitates emotional growth, builds strong social and problem-solving skills and encourages creativity.

Brooke Lawhorn, Discovery Program teacher

Brooke teaches in our Discovery Program for 3-year olds and our Pre-K program.  She graduated from Southern Virginia College with a degree in Early Childhood Education.  She has numerous years experience as a preschool teacher.  She likes to teach using Art, Music, and other creative outlets for learning.  She believes that the early years of a child’s life are highly formative and crucial to development.  She is committed to her students’ successful cognitive, physical, and emotional progress.

Amy Jarrett, Discovery Program teacher

Amy went back to school after getting an MA in English because she realized she didn’t want to teach college kids, but little ones!  That was about 20 years ago, and she has never looked back! She loves being around little ones because she is able to witness their sense of wonder at the every day things that we take for granted, she gets to hear the funny things they say, and gets to watch as they discover new things each time she is with them.  She wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Jenna Donahue, Toddler teacher

Jenna teaches our Toddler Time students.  She loves working with children, helping them learn, and celebrating their successes. She firmly believes in the importance of Early Childhood Education.

Michelle Riley, Toddler teacher

Michelle has been with Shenandoah Preschool since 2006 as one of our Toddler teachers.  She loves spending time with her students, watching them grow and develop over their year with her.  The bonus is that they make her laugh every day!  Michelle provides a loving, structured, and  developmentally appropriate environment for our youngest students.

Amanda Bertschi, classroom assistant

Amanda loves working with children of all ages, which works perfectly as she helps out in all of our classes.  Wherever there is a need, Amanda is ready and willing to help.  She loves children’s literature and often shares with our students her latest, favorite find from the Library.


Julie Tisone, Afternoon Program teacher

Julie has been teaching for the past 15 years, some of those years teaching as a Reading Specialist in the elementary school and many of those years teaching preschool right here at Shenandoah.  Julie loves teaching because it allows her to see the world through the eyes of a child.

Lisa D’Amelio, Director

Lisa has been with Shenandoah Preschool since 2008. She taught Pre-Kindergarten for four years before becoming director in 2013.

Lisa graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in International Relations. She went on to earn a Master’s degree of Elementary Education in 1996. Since then she has taught Spanish, Preschool, and English as a Second Language.


Wendy Redfern, Music teacher

Wendy is a parent at Shenandoah as well as our Music Teacher.  As the SPS Music teacher, Wendy will concentrate on singing, rhyming, rhythm, beat, and movement.  She believes it is important to get the children up and moving to truly experience the joy of Music.

Sheila Earl, Physical Education Teacher

Sheila is a Shenandoah Parent as well as our Physical Education Teacher.  She will be teaching our students many skills to strengthen both gross and fine motor skills.  They will be listening directions and coordinating their movements to give them better body awareness and control.  All the while having a fantastic time with Ms. Sheila!